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In 2020, I deleted my blog from my website. It was one hell of a year (or two)! I recently thought more and more about it, and I've decided this is something I'd like to continue to peruse. Thankfully, I found out today that all of my previous posts were not lost forever! Yay! So, now my old posts are up, and I'll be editing and publishing the many drafts I have. I'm looking forward to sharing things that have happened over the past two years and in the future what I learn that may be helpful to moms and families. I hope you can relate and learn something new. My goal is to connect with anyone who may need it and to help remind everyone that you are not alone!

In the meantime, you can find my professional Facebook page here:

PSI's climb event is every June and I have a group and a page for the event that I host:

I also have a public page for the Surviving Motherhood Support Group that I will link a private group to for group members.

If there's ever a topic you'd like to hear more about or want to share please send me a message!

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