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Michael's is my friend

Sometimes being a mom is hard. Okay, being a mom is always hard, but some days can be more difficult than others. Let me tell you about my trip to Michael’s today and yes, I mean the craft store. 

I admit that I'm not an overly anxious mom. I can take both my kids into public without having a panic attack, but it's tough with a toddler and an infant. My toddler goes to a church preschool in the town my family recently moved an hour away from. We decided to keep her in the school because she FINALLY stopped crying when I dropped her off and picked her up the week we moved (of course). Once my daughter gets picked up we immediately drive home because it's her nap time. She used to be good about staying awake in the car and then I'd put her down for a nap at home. This particular day she was super fussy. I mean tantrum crying nonstop kind of fussy. She, and my infant, fell asleep literally right as I was pulling into the Michael's store parking lot to pick up an online order. I panicked. I didn't want to wake her up because as most parents know you do not, under any circumstances, wake up a sleeping baby/toddler. And for some, this may seem like a silly thing to panic over, but since moving we are far from everything. Thirty minutes plus to get to the store. This was a big deal for this mama.

I did what I always do and I called my mom. Cliche I know, but it's true. I have to admit that for a split second I debated just leaving the two sleeping babies in the car with the window cracked... now obviously I didn't do this, and I never have, but come on! I was in the parking lot before she fell asleep and it was an online order which meant I just go inside and sign for it. My mom, the wise woman that she is, said, "why don't you just call them and see if they'll bring it out front for you?" I thought to myself, "what are you crazy!? No store would do that..." But I called anyway.

The young woman I spoke with on the phone was as sweet as could be. She was more than willing to oblige, and she brought my order to the front door of the store!! She wasn't even a mother, but she knew a mother. Her sister. She understood. This was huge for me because I hate having to ask for help, and I like to have "my stuff together."

All of this to say, we all struggle with our kids. It doesn't hurt to ask for help (even if it's extremely hard). The worst that would've happened would be I had to wait in the parking lot until she woke up or I had to come back. Or what probably would've happened would be I'd forget I even had an order and they'd have to cancel it and refund my money haha.

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