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When Maternity Leave Ends

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Babies are the purest form of life. There is nothing sweeter in this world than holding your infant close and tight. All snuggled up as they sleep on your chest after nursing (or feeding). They smell incredible too. Oh the smell! I think God made babies smell like heaven... obviously we’re essentially genetically programmed to want to care for these little ones. It’s how our species has survived all this time. But I’m not even mad about it. The Oxycontin release is unreal and I’m totally addicted.

If I could freeze time and just love on my kids and not have to worry about other things, I would. The reality of life is though, there are always going to be multiple things that need our attention. Plus, I love my work as a psychotherapist.

As my maternity leave comes to a close, I’m so sad to leave my babies at home. Granted this time is different, it’s still hard. I'm working from home and strictly online this time because of a recent move.

I hope that it brings comfort to anyone struggling to leave their little one, that you are not alone. Even the ones who studied to help moms feel it too.

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